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Technology Technology

Seaglex Software has developed unique technologies for extracting, structuralizing and classifying data from the Internet and Intranets and for automating human interactions with Web sites. We leverage our revolutionary technological platform to deliver packaged vertical industry-specific products and custom information extraction solutions. More...

GeoRSS Geotagging and GeoRSS Generation

We have created a set of technologies that help companies to collect, categorize, and geotag unstructured content - Web pages, news articles, documents, and other textual data – and then present it in the industry-standard GeoRSS format for easy integration with mapping software and GIS solutions. More...

RSS Aggregator RSS Aggregator

RSS Aggregator allows you to quickly and easily create an RSS feed by selecting items from one or several source RSS feeds and adding them to your output feed with just a few mouse clicks; these sources can be either pre-defined or added at any time during the editing process. More…

Web Information Management Solutions Web Information Management Solutions

Seaglex Web Information Management (WebIM) Solutions help companies to keep track of clients, competition, projects, deals, industry trends, financial data, and other information crucial for their decision-making process. By combining the power of our Web harvesting technologies with unique categorization, filtration, query and reporting tools, we deliver highly relevant industry-specific data with unmatched breadth of coverage. Our current offerings are tailored specifically towards financial, retail, biotechnology, and real estate industries. More…

Web Harvesting Solutions Web Harvesting Solutions

Seaglex capitalizes on the deficiencies of current information management offerings and delivers turn-key solutions that drastically reduce time and effort spent by corporations on locating, integrating, and processing free “open Web” and paid-for content. According to IDC, “if we can develop better ways to utilize unstructured content, we would have a powerful advantage for gaining more knowledge about our businesses and customers than our competitors can muster.” Seaglex solutions make this vision a reality. More…

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